{ Humor, Gratitude, Sweetness }

I went to hear a speaker last Saturday (Sue Fredrick) at a Women's Fitness & Health Day fair here in Boulder. She had so many enlightening things to say, but this is what I took away from it: Humor, Gratitude, Sweetness. Humor to laugh at the absurdity of life, Gratitude for those around you that make life worth living and Sweetness, like that found in the eyes of an innocent but wise newborn baby ...

The energy we have and exude everyday effects everyone around you, even people you don't know, thought is powerful. To prove that this is true she told a story of a study done with two men that had never met before. They were introduced and one was put into a room with monitors of all kinds (heart, brainwaves, etc.). The other man was put into a room with a computer screen and was told to think a thought - any thought - about this man he did not know every time he saw his picture.

The result? The monitors showed a recorded reaction every time Man #2 had a thought about him!

What am I getting at? This is exactly the sort of thing the Bozeman Collaborative has set out to promote. Positive communication, power of the printed word, good thoughts on paper (tree-free paper, of course). Before the end of the year, I have set a goal to send letters of thanks to all of the people in my life to whom I owe GRATITUDE. Luckily, I have many.