{ best paw forward }


I don't know about you, but I have been thinking ahead – through all of the holiday madness – looking forward to next year so BirdDog Press will come out of the gate running. That's part of what this re-designed blog is all about and there are many pieces to our ever-ready plan for smooth business as soon as the New Year flips over for a fresh beginning. A few things to think about:

Is your business plan up to snuff? Consult my friends at Akamai Consulting. Do you have your brand/marketing strategy in gear? Check in with Voco Creative. Will you be needing some outstanding self-promotion collateral to put your best foot forward? Give BirdDog Press a ring!

KevinVonQualen Photography is hyper-prepared like a Boy Scout with an oreo! See his business card above with layered mocha khaki, cream center and post-consumer recycled chocolate paper business cards, sure to invoke a double-take with it's texture and rustic elegance.