{ Goalie }

You may remember my goals posted for 2008, if not, here they are again:
1. Develop product line for sale in stationery stores across the country.
2. Execute Marketing Plan like a well oiled machine.
3. Build a team for maximum streamlined production.
4. Perfect policies & process to keep things running smoothly.
5. Knock 'em dead at NYC's National Stationery Show!

Because winter is nearly over and it's time for the renewal of spring, I thought I would give you an update on how we're doing so far. Number 1 is almost finished. The products haven't gone to production yet, but the product list, ideas & designs are 99% finished! The marketing plan is certainly in action, though we may not have quite made it to "well oiled machine" status as of yet. The team descriptions and job functions have been decided, now we just need to recruit the right personalities! Policies & Process are smoothing out – we'll definitely have this one crossed off the list by Spring's end. Number 5 remains to be seen, but we are confident! Of course we'll have another update when we return at the end of May.
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