{ to be where i'm going }

So, I have several blogs and I wasn't quite sure where this one was going. I am inspired by so many things lately and I think this may be my most important blog, though I have been neglecting it the most, just like my sketchbook gets neglected as I spend more time on the computer. It is a bad habit. It is easy to post recent work on my BirdDog Press or Handmaiden Papeterie blogs. It is easy to take a photograph of my son's daily adventures as a one-and-a-half year old. It is harder to get everything that I take in and process it for consumption online. I pledge to devote more time to my design blog and give a little more of myself to myself.

What am I inspired by today? Boxcar Press. They just launched a brand new website and I read almost the entire thing. I share their philosophy on so many levels and like to see them growing in an enviable direction. Thank you Boxcar for mastering and uplifting the historical craft of letterpress in this modern world with such care and passion.