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Back to my goal of the week, to shout out and honor the Chicks Who Click this week ... my new follows on Twitter are:

@gwenbell, @kirtsy, @dooblehvay, @AndreaMeyer, @Greeblemonkey, @waynesutton, @Deetells, @cr8tvjen, @georgegsmithjr, @GeekMommy, @Crazycanuckblog, @babycandystore, @Ginaschrek, @tarable, @DesignBabylon, @fruitlady, @Elainiac, @doylealbee, @claddyjack, @kathydragon, @girlontheband, @zenaweist, @samababy

and I am just now starting to really see the light. Before, I felt like I was reading a bunch of inside jokes that I wasn't truly a part of – and now I have learned that it is about sharing knowledge, and building relationships, and that you have to interact with the space to get the benefit.
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