{ Year of the Earth Ox }


Happy New Year, Again! Today marks the Chinese Lunar New Year and I am celebrating by buying new stamps. Looks like we'll get a new Lunar New Year stamp from the USPS every year through 2019 - yay! I hope you'll join me in writing more letters this year. Don't let this lost art die!

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Those born in the year of the Ox (1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009) are thought to be methodical, dependable, hardworking, patient and ethical. Once Oxen set a goal, they rarely relent until the objective is attained, and they will not take action without carefully planning every detail in advance. Ox can make a dependable friend or mate.  However, don't be offended if they bluntly point out your flaws, it is merely their way of expressing their concern for you.

According to Taoist astrology, the year of the Ox is time for hard work. Success is attained through diligent hard work and conscientious effort. Begin by putting your affairs in order, especially your home. Tried and true methods will most likely yield results. Wild, new concepts may not be well received (they are better saved for the following Tiger year). Those who are determined and disciplined in their efforts will be rewarded with a bountiful harvest!

For your personal outlook this year, you can follow this link, I am the year of the Rabbit – looking good for my love life!
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