{ 25 Random Things }

I was tagged on Facebook ...

{1} I was born in Montreal. and I wish that meant that I speak French. I guess that makes me a Canadian-born Southern-raised Mountain-dweller.
{2} In grade school, I twirled baton, in parades with the sequined outfits and everything.
{3} I love my little town of Lyons, but I miss my family back home most days. My grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws ... I adore them all. I dream that one day I will have a big old farmhouse in East Tennessee or Western North Carolina and I'll spend at least two months of the year there visiting with my family.
{4} Summer camp will always have a special place in my heart. I usually begged to stay an extra week when it was time to go home. Except for gymnastics camp. That was just work and the food was terrible.
{5} I am a dog person, but I LOVE Hello Kitty.
{6} Stray Cats was my first concert [actually I went to MANY concerts before this one, b/c my Dad was the sound guy for Charlie Daniels, Marshall Tucker, etc. ... but this was the first one I asked to go to]
{7} My elbows are ridiculously double-jointed.
{8} Maybe I was raised in the South, but I really dislike things that are pickled, pimento cheese, bbq flavoring and mayonnaise.
{9} On the other hand, I LOVE corn, in all forms : on the cob, grits, cornbread, when they make it in to bio-degradable plastic, even moonshine
{10} My favorite animal is the Otter.
{11} I have a serious magazine addiction, in fact I subscribe to ELEVEN of them.
{12} Sometimes I buy wine by choosing the best label.
{13} My husband is my best friend.
{14} I have a habit of biting the skin around my fingernails, not my actual fingernails, ... anyway, it drives my husband crazy.
{15} In 1998, I hiked 800+ miles of the Appalachian Trail from Maine to New York. My trail name was Knewitall.
{16} I am an only-child. I hope my little boy to have a sibling someday.
{17} Though I am a free-spirited artist-type, I am also passionately organized.
{18} I've wanted to go to Egypt since about the 4th Grade, I still haven't made it.
{19} If I could play any instrument, it would be the fiddle.
{20} When I was much younger, I was an avid reader, it has now been close to 2 years since I have read a book.
{21} I love mail. Letters. Cards. The good stuff. I still get excited in that moment right before I open the mailbox, wondering what is waiting inside.
{22} In Jr. High & High School, I swam competitively on a swim team. I would love to have my swimmer's abs back.
{23} I buy local, handmade and sustainable items whenever possible.
{24} Ever the night-owl, my personal record for hours in the awake state, meaning no sleep at all ... 96 hours, that's 4 days.
{25} My birthday falls on the first day of Aries and the first day of Spring.

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