{ sad zine saturday }


oh, no no no! Remember number eleven on my 25 random things??? well it's about to come crashing down! the world has lost two fabulous magazines this week, TWO of the greats : Domino and WonderTime. I am sad to say goodbye to that monthly mailbox surprise. The rest of my list, i'm almost afraid to mention, I can't take anymore publishing plummets:

{1} Seeing the Everyday {2} WonderTime {3} Garden & Gun {4} Martha Stewart Weddings {5} Dwell {6} How {7} Communication Arts {8} Domino {9} ReadyMade ... and then two digital zines {10} Plenty {11} Craft

I think you can now get ReadyMade digital style too!, maybe I will go with some of my euro faves Junior & Living Etc. to fill the holes in my heart? What is on your subscription list?