{ overwhelmed by STUFF }


Back in the summer, my mom and I went to South Carolina – to visit with my Granny Lou, and to painstakingly, go through, purge, organize and re-pack all of her STUFF. She had a storage space just down the country road and over the border in North Carolina and since I talked her in to moving out here to Lyons over a year ago, I offered to go help bring back all of her belongings. It was a chore to say the least, but it was also inspiring. Inspiring to find fun sentimental things from her father's childhood, her childhood, my childhood ... and inspiring to shed some of it via a huge 15' truck to the Goodwill. Liberating and exhausting.

I am presently moving my studio from my basement/garage to a sweet little place here in town. I couldn't be more thrilled. Moving always reminds me of how much STUFF I have though and I've been going through a bit of an overwhelmed spell recently. It has now been exacerbated. Maybe my mom will return the favor and help me go through all of MY stuff.

I am quite inspired by these two Time Magazine articles: here and here.

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