hot mama!


A long time design client and dear friend, Shannon Sunderland of Hot Mama Jewelry Designs, came to visit me in the studio the other day. We are working on packaging, email marketing and gift certificates, among other projects.

We work well together, but have such a hard time staying focused because our busy mompreneur lifestyles don't allow us to spend enough time together right now. Oh how I miss her! So genuine and full of laughter ... Tangent after tangent, we somehow manage to get things done while intermittently cooing at her 6-month-old and giggling at each other for constantly getting off track.

I was wearing a "Hot Mama" necklace when I gave birth to my little boy 3 years ago and I now wear my "Cullin" pendant as an honor badge of motherhood in tandem with my "Bird, Dog, Press" triple-stack, both hanging over my heart. I rarely take them off as they empower my spirit to do the best I can everyday.

Thank you Shannon, for building a company around the idea of celebrating motherhood. xx!