juvenile jaune


Feedsack Friday is here! on a Sunday night! Sorry for the delay, ... I was attending an awesome new conference in Boulder, called BoCo.

So, back to the yellow retro birthday party, and the bean-bag-toss, the beanbags {see photo below} were made from feedsacks, specifically yellow juvenile prints. Juvenile prints were really popular back in the heyday of feed sacks. You can imagine the number of baby quilts, clothes, bonnets and even stuffed toys that were made. Imagine my delight at being able to incorporate feedsacks in my little one's birthday party decor. There were a few reproductions included in the flag banner and the prize tablecloth was a border print. Well, that concludes my week-long cheer for Cullin's 3rd Birthday Bash. { happy birthday, sweet pea! } I hope you enjoyed the yellow – yahoo!