sang the little bird


Ahhh. Nesting. The instinct is so vivid. I remember folding tiny clothes in disbelief that a human life could be that small. Instead of finding out whether the amazing being inside my belly was a boy or a girl, my husband and I decided to be surprised on the birth day. I really enjoyed being pregnant and all of the wonder and daydreaming that went along with it. Having many pregnant friends in my life right now and celebrating their early motherhood stages with them, has allowed me to relive my own from a new perspective. Life is beautiful.

This sweet birdie is singing for my dear friend, Julie Afflerbaugh, her husband and her baby boy. Julie and I have a lot in common, and we share an eclectic vintage/modern love of mixed style, so creating this invitation for her shower came so easily, right down to the delicate fabric-like pattern adorning the birdie's modern silhouette.