dia de los treats


Both a trick and a treat – {I didn't really post this on Mama Monday, but I get to appear as I am on top of it this week when I publish this post as Monday morning's entry.} As mentioned last week, here is my little Peter Pan – it only took a little felt and little patience at the sewing machine to create this winter version of him with long johns and a sweater. It was so much fun to experience the phenomenon of knocking around the neighborhood to be greeted with bowls full of sugar, the load getting heavier with each doorbell ring, through the eyes of a three-year-old on his first candy mission. Each time, he would run back down the driveway and exclaim, "Mommy! I said trick-or-treat AND thank you … look that house has it's light on!" There was really only one scary house and luckily, they had the Monster Mash blaring from the garage as we arrived which diffused the life-size, jason-masked grim reaper at the edge of the yard. We tried a haunted house last weekend and he's still talking about the skeleton that jumped out at him.

Speaking of skeletons, we celebrated Dia de los Muertos with the Montessori school on Sunday. Dressing up again, this time as a butterfly, representing the souls of our ancestors returning to earth for their annual visit. We feasted on traditional dishes such as candied pumpkin under a sky of papel picados and the children made sugar skulls for the ofrenda.

I am excited to learn more about both traditions from a history and culture perspective and find creative ways to celebrate them each year. I find myself sad that Halloween is over and wish that I had spent more time on costume creation and building more family rituals around it. I am sure that the shelves at Target are already to the ceiling with Christmas ornaments, and I am not ready yet. *sigh.