brought to you by the letter M

I have had this idea for years, and being that it's Thanksgiving time, I put myself in gear a couple of weeks ago and finally got it done. We had these ugly pantry doors in our kitchen and I painted them with chalkboard paint to make a Thankful Wall. I want to instill GRATITUDE in my little one. So, today, Cullin & I cured the paint with some chalk and talked about what we're thankful for, which quickly turned into a word game - fun! We are thankful for Cullin's teachers {Ms. Athena & Ms. Laurie} at the Lyons Community Montessori. He has really enjoyed it there and they gave me an idea at our last parent/teacher conference on how to make learning sounds, language and reading fun. Today we played a game with words starting with M! I gave some descriptions and he guessed "monkey" and "marshmallow" and came up with "mitten" {which I think was just luck} and "mouth" {he really got this one} on his own. I plan to use this wall to make lists of things we're thankful for and for thank you notes to be written, and probably a little doodling too. Nice and centrally located in the kitchen, hopefully the whole family will enjoy it!