collaborative colleagues

I am thankful for other amazing folks in the industry who help me to do what I do best. Today, I had my friends in the offset & finishing business, Estey Printing, saddle stitch my new pocket pattern notebooks in an effort to reduce my workload and get them done before all of the upcoming Handmade Holiday Markets coming up {more on that later}. I often lean on fabulous folks in the paper {Atlantic Papers, Green Paper Co, Arch Paper, French Paper}, printing {Estey Printing, Flappys PrintShop, SmokeProof Press, Ghenghis Kern}, photography {Julie Afflerbaugh, Julia Vandenoever, Kevin Von Qualen, Jenna Walker, Recherche} professions to enhance my abilities and create unmatched collaborative beauty. Too many wonderful people out there that I get to work with on a daily basis to mention right here. I am lucky to love my job the way I do.