giving & wishing

As the end of the year wraps up and I look back on the holidays and how I could have streamlined anything or simplify for next year, I am wondering : How do you manage your giving and receiving? I keep a giving list spreadsheet every year so that when someone mentions something they like in conversation or if I see a great blog post on a handmade project, I write it down and when it's gift giving time, the task is hopefully a little less daunting. On the flipside, I rarely dig deep and think about what I really want until my family has asked so many times it's too late. and that's okay, I really don't NEED anything. But I am human, so there are always wishes and since I have had time to think about it over the giving season, here are a few:

Simply wishes. on a list. My Granny always told me "you're old enough for your wants not to hurt you" and that's true. It doesn't hurt to wish.

South St. Vrain

ps. one of my favorite gifts received this holiday season was a jar of homemade grape juice. My amazing friend & neighbor, Lina, started picking local grapes on the South St. Vrain back in August! I am also quite smitten with my punchcard to Mayama Studio here in Lyons and a facial from J.B. Skincare to revive my skin from the drying winter air.