holiday recap

Using Jenny's 3-Step Simple Christmas as a guide, here's how I did this year: not amazing, but not bad.

Step 1. Missed this one entirely, *sigh* there's always next year. But my family is not overboard by any means. I remember drawing names and doing "word gifts" long long ago in the Bozeman Family, so maybe i'll start up that tradition again.

Step 2.

A. We did a LOT related to the Advent Activity Calendar idea, but missed relating it to the Advent Calendar, since I didn't even get it out until the 17th or so. We have, an Elf on the Shelf too, from Aunt Lori, Cullin named him Wink.

B. Cullin's grandparents & great grandparents contribute to the swimming, college & montessori funds. We are so thankful to keep him in these activities throughout the year and plan for his future.
C. At 3, he is just now "getting" the idea of giving & receiving, wishing & wanting, so here's how it played out:

  • 1 Need. { fits into the "B" section, swimming class, Montessori school tuition }

  • 1 Want. { C makes up some imaginative but unattainable suggestions, so we got a second-hand play table from Craigslist, and set up a space in the basement just for him }

  • 1 Wear/1 Handmade { these ended up being the same thing: a fun western shirt from Dandy Social Club and a belt from English Retreads }

  • 1 Read.{we got Serif Fairy from Agi, and The Best Pet of All & Chicka Chicka Boom Boom from Aunt Lori }

  • 1 Create. { a kit of basic Lego Duplos, hours of entertainment }

  • 1 from Santa. { the stocking, including a new adventurer for the Sprig Discover Rig which is made by a local company in Fort Collins }

Bohn Park, Lyons, Colorado
Step 3.

As mentioned in previous posts, we did our annual Christmas Eve sleigh ride. We already did the Parade of Lights and in addition to that C has been caroling with his class, sledding, exposed to the tradition of lighting the candle on the Menorah, writing & delivering his own holiday cards, making snow angels, hot chocolate mornings, and cutting down & decorating his own tree in his room. Oh, and we actually went over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house!
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