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Back to my magazine fetish, there must be some depth to this obsession ... as giddy as a school girl the other day, I fished out my first copy of Seeing the Everyday from my PO Box and it dawned on me ... not only do I LOVE magazines, but I love magazine editor clients.

I remember walking up to the table at my fave little sip house in Boulder, Pekoe, and finding Joanne + Jake there. The first thing we established was that the theme was : no theme : just a typographical solution to their wedding suite. We explored all kinds of concepts over the next few meetings and ended up with the most simple design. And the journey was loads of laughs, too.

For all you wedding blog readers, Joanne and Jake's Save the Date was featured over on Brooklyn Bride a couple of months back.

Jake is the editor of Skiing magazine, he and Joanne were incredible to work with, the collaborative vibe flowed so freely. So now, two of my Top 5 clients of all time just happen to be magazine editors (the other is Sid Evans of Garden & Gun), what do you think that means?