drop the hammer


Here we are, THE Bird Dog, C and I, complete with the Leave No Trace Forester AND full rocket box in front of Brady Vest's spacious {at least 32x the size of the BirdDog Press which admittedly left me slightly jealous} building in a neat part of Kansas City, Missouri. We had a chance to crank up a Vandercook and peruse the zillions of typecases full of ornaments that Brady collects to do his "thing" which is the Hammerpress style of repeating ornament upon ornament in a unique look that is identifiably Hammerpress. I feel as though I am still honing in my true style with the feed sack patterns right now but it's about the journey and the process of creating too.

We spent the morning here and then set off to get some Kansas City BBQ before hitting the road towards Nashville.