This will be the first framed print in the new BirdDog Press studio. One of the beautiful works of Yee*Haw Industries and the first letterpress poster I ever bought {which was YEARS ago and YES I am just now getting around to framing it}. So, I was in South Carolina oohing and ahhing over feed sack aprons when I realized that Yee*Haw was going to be closed on Monday and my window to go have a visit was closing fast. Sad to say quick good-byes to my dear sweet Granny Lou, THE Bird Dog, C and I hopped back in the Leave No Trace Subaru and raced over the mountain to Knoxville. Luckily, when I got there that Friday night they had settled in for a little late-night printing with a glass of wine – now these are my kind of folks! Kevin was even kind enough to show me the underbelly of the shop that I never knew was there – three stories of letterpress goodness. Wow! Of course I had to pick up a Tennessee Stud T-shirt for C and to top off the evening, ... I even snuck in a pesto-topped pie at my all-time fave – the Tomato Head! Now if that ain't a night of southern bliss, I don't know what is.

{and wouldn't ya know it, i didn't get one lousy picture}