{ elli + lucas }



Word of mouth is my bread and butter. When I did this wedding last year, I not only got two great clients – Sabrina & Max – I lucked out with with Max's sister, Elli and Lucas too. All wonderful to work with and trusting of the creative process. Elli and Lucas had a great idea to send 10" swatches of fabric to their guests for them to decorate with well-wishes and return with their response card. They will sew them together to make "prayer flags" to hang at the site of their nuptials on their wedding day. In the spirit of this wonderful, hands-on concept, I decided to engage the guests even further with an interactive and green RSVP process. Accept/Regret stickers, perforation, kraft paper address labels and instructions all eco-efficiently packaged – a little upcycled craft project for each guest to honor their connection with the bride & groom.