my name is mud

img_4825_2 a two-day long spring rain {which was a snow storm everywhere else surrounding us} resulted in some pretty awesome mud puddles, perfect for little boys to play in.

jgs_6042Speaking of earthly delights, our community had an Earth Day celebration yesterday in conjunction with the Lyons Community Montessori and the Green Heart Institute. Remember when I asked for suggestions on the leaf-cutter ant costume?  Well, my letterpress friend planted a little seed mentioning japanese paper lanterns, and voila, here he is making his entrance on to the stage of the Great Kapok Tree performance. Photo by JG Stott Photography.


and here I am setting up the BirdDog Press booth in support of the community, the montessori school, the Green Heart Institute and the earth. oh, and I'm also demonstrating the leaf-cutter ant walk. We sold several of our new Animal Fair : Moo collection which consists of 7 notecards featuring farm animals : chicken, cow, goat, sheep, donkey, pig & bees. It was a Zero Waste event and the sun came out to shine.