green clean


When I bought my letterpress, I was pregnant. I didn't like the fumes or the chemicals that most press cleaners contained. Even the so-called "california wash" or "low-odor" cleaners still had a smell much like other common press washes that pressmen use i.e. turpentine, mineral sprits, or even kerosene. I did some research and came up with using veggie oil and Seventh Generation natural citrus spray, combined with a little elbow grease. Since then, Brandon of Blue Barnhouse over in Asheville, NC mentioned an even better form of veggie oil – and it suits my southern roots too – Crisco! It's the same thing, just a more solid form of the soybean-based oil, so ... less drippy mess, same green clean!

ps. speaking of smells, these violets smell amazing, thank you to Valerie my studio neighbor for bringing them to me!