RE: reuse / repurpose / recycle // resourceful

Topping the week of with one of my very favorite things in the world : Feed Sacks. I love them for their patterns, obviously. I love them for their stories, their history, their perseverance.
Most known for the depression era, people were poor and quite resourceful. They used EVERYTHING at least thrice. Animal feed came in reusable cloth sacks so families could feed the farm, and then make clothes and linens, hence the feed sack moniker "chicken linen". Upcycling is a buzz word today – the cool and responsible thing to do, back then it was absolutely necessary. In this photo, you can see three of the sisters have a dress of the same pattern. Women would collect and trade feed sacks in order to get enough of one pattern to complete their projects.
All of this and sheer brilliance in packaging. Packaging today needs to become this smart once again. I'd love to know the percentage of packaging that contributes to our landfills. I'm sure it's staggering. Recession got you down? Innovate.