start to finish


I rarely have the foresight or the time to document a project from start to finish, but this one was unique and collaborative, and I attempted to make the effort. A job much more suited to a Vandercook {or another flat-bed cylinder proof press} –  it took an awesome array of sticky materials : removable adhesive dots, double sided tape, scraps of sticky back photopolymer, scotch tape and masking tape and that was in addition to a curious collection of comps, an inventive make-ready, homemade gauge pins, and a lot of thinking sessions with bhakti chai{which contains plenty of cardamom, known for stimulating the mind and giving clarity}.


As I mentioned yesterday, it started with a computer generated wordle and then I manipulated the design in Adobe Illustrator and sent it off to Boxcar for photopolymer platemaking. I cut the paper on my new guillotine to 11x17, which swallows my 8x12 platen whole. This one was done entirely on human power, meaning I didn't use my electric motor on the press at all due to it's size.


{stay tuned for Part B of this adventure coming later today...}