Thank Goodness It's Feedsack Friday! It was one of those what-the-hell-am-i-doing-trying-to-run-my-own-biz-by-myself-and-have-no-childcare weeks. There were tears and frustration {mostly from me, not the 2-yr-old} and a paper cutter catastrophe {no, i didn't lose a limb, only HOURS of hard work} Whew!

But today I got a wonderful package from my Granny with two feedsack books in it!!! One is Textile Bags {The Feeding & Clothing of America} and the other is Vintage Feed Sacks : Fabric From the Farm. And another treasure that I will be sharing with you is a DVD with a recorded quilt show when my Granny's friend Elle was a guest and talked all about feed sacks. What a bright spot in my week!