new to me


And now for a few first time exhibitors at the National Stationery Show. I don't know how new they all are, but they were new to me. Great stuff! First up, Jennifer and John of Product Superior {geez, i might need to have separate categories for Brooklyn and California}, fun branding, great illustrations and super nice folks.


Loving the lure prints from Sub-Studio, another couple team from New York. Seems they are multi-talented and contribute to a lot of design genres, not just stationery!


Here is Shino at Fugu Fugu Press, and I forgot to ask what that means. Nice clean booth design and great cards with ridiculously cute illustration style.


Sycamore Street Press is a shop after my heart as they do a lot of collaborating. I like this "I would trade two of my other friends for you" card, it's a good one.


Speaking of collaborating, I ran into the Make My Notebook booth just as they were headed on a beer run. We quickly confirmed that as neighboring Coloradans, we should chat about some collaborative efforts. Sweet!


Yet another couple team, this time from the D.C. area, Embellished Ink came packing great patterns and a happy yellow booth! Alrighty, more later!