wish i'd come up with that

Continuing on the NSS ship of coverage, here are some designers and letterpress printers that are in the favorite category – of course, most of them, like me, do some kind of pattern work and we all know i'll never get enough of that. So here goes ...


Patterns! Sewn to Paper! Say no more, this is Pikku.


Cute screenprinted tea towel and folksy euro-inspired patterns from dutch door press.


The Geo Mantis from Pearl & Marmalade, reminds me of this neato geometric coloring book I had as a little girl.


Hee-haw from Wiley Valentine, their vintage-influenced style is inspiring and their blog is a must-read.


Pattern in orange? Yes, please. This one from Hello! Lucky.


Super-cute woodland creatures surrounded in faux bois, irresistables from Dee & Lala.


Neighbors hailing from Basalt, Colorado, these punchy patterns are from the Iota line.


Another one of my first letterpress loves is Egg Press. They have some fabulous patterns {including an awesome memory matching game} and a great video on their website you should watch.


Saving some of the best for last, I will never tire of the combinations of lead type ornaments & borders that Hammerpress puts together. Whew! Now I know why my dogs were barking, I motored through the aisles and took it all in. Maybe one more post tomorrow and my coverage will be complete.