not to be forgotten

Alrighty, kids. It's the last of my National Stationery Show round-up. I've tried to go through all of the business cards, photos and shwag that I acquired. My baggage weighed 44lbs. {and let me mention that my husband picked up my bag to put it in the car that morning and said "it's 44lbs" he is a human scale i tell you} on the way back I thought it would be lighter because of all of the press kits and giveaways I took with me – no dice.p421fAll the way from Birmingham, Owlabama – Night Owl Paper Goods hold a special place in my southern heart. My photo of the new sea otter card didn't turn out in my hurried pace {oh how i love otters} so I chose this foxy fungi card to show you.


I'm drawn to the clean modern illustrative style of Pancake & Franks. With too many favorites to mention, I went hiking and fishing with my family this morning, so here's "hope your birthday is off the hook" ... A flurry of other mentions are in store here .... Paper Stories offers "a fresh approch to letterpress" and she also spearheaded a letterpress swap that I was thrilled to be involved in. Two neighbors and fellow paper pushers, Lilywillow and ManCards had a great showing. I like the angle of "art for correspondence" from Yellow Owl Workshop. Oh, and let us not forget Robin Beth who has some great designs I'd love to see in fabric.


And now for some things that I walked away wanting, though not all were necessarily paper related: this luggage from Jane Marvel, these office products {oh boy am i a sucker for some organizational office products} from Girl of All Work, anything magnetic, orange or woodgrained from Three by Three and throwing back to my Hello Kitty days – I stumbled across Shinzi Katoh and wanted to take one of each. And with that, my friends, I say farewell until next year from the zero carbon Vert wedding stationery rickshaw.