Got another great package from my Granny Lou the other day … she has been collecting feedsacks since well before I was born.  She added a little more to my history of feedsack fabrics research that I have been working on and also sent a jar full of real pearl buttons …{tangent}… she made this great "house dress" for me way back when, and I still wear it every chance I get. So, continuing on the trend from yesterday with the discovery of reproduction feedsack fabrics and the day before with yellow … I found a yellow version of the fabric in my feedsack dress shown above, and then i found a yellow version of the one i used on my bird dog messenger bag. Both reproductions were from Baum Textile Mills/Windham Fabrics who now apparently produce all of these listed feedsack reproduction collections: V, c. 1930, Feedsack, II, and III c. 1930, so where's IV?

Happy Feedsack Friday everyone, if you love vintage fabrics, go get some of these repoductions! Available here or maybe even at your local fabric store.