Grand Mothers

grannyLouFeedsackAs Mother's Day is approaching, I am thinking of all of the mamas in my life. They are an amazing and inspiring bunch, from my mama friends here in Lyons {tirelessly doing the best they can for their children}, my mother & sister-in-law {both incredibly business savvy & supportive in my endeavors}, my step-mom {an artist, teacher, and a great friend}, my great-grandmothers {who nurtured their families through eras we could never fully understand}, my mom {who is a bookbinder, crafty genius, and moved to Lyons to be "Agi" to my little boy – we are so thankful}, to my Grandmothers : Grandmom {who taught me to read and love books, who sang great songs and helped me to learn all of the wildflowers that grow in the Great Smoky Mountains} & Granny {who taught me to do-it-yourself by hand, appreciate old things and who is my inspiration for my vintage feed sack frenzy via letterpress}

Pictured above is my dear Granny Lou with her brother, in her feed sack dress. She says she was about 16 in this picture which would date it around 1946.