it's a wynn win


It's been a bit of a whirlwind since the stationery show, rolling right into the holiday weekend and then houseguests! I spent this past weekend with my dear friend, Abby, with whom I've shared some of the best years of my life {as a good group of us all moved out to Colorado around the same time} and took advantage of our younger years with river raft adventures, costume-only birthday parties, ski condos, shot skis, 10k training runs, extreme wedding planning, safety-third sledding, power dinners, crafty all-nighters, post-hike saloon hopping extravaganzas, sake bomb sessions and bowling ball cannon shooting – to name a few.


We now all either have kids or have a bun in the oven, or both. Life has changed, but our spirit and the comfort of being in the presence of amazing forever friends has not. This weekend consisted of daredevil diaper changes, pass the bouncy baby games, two-year-old temper tantrum wrangling, know your croup-cough contests and stroll until they sleep marathons.


All of this is a long-winded, late in the day post to say that baby announcements are on the brain. Here was the design for Wynn's announcement, stay tuned for his "Irish Twin" due on his first birthday. Ideas in the works!