bigger than life


Prayer flags are used to promote peace, strength, compassion and wisdom. Their prayers become a part of the universe as the edges fray and the images fade in the elements. They are hung high in the wind to bring benefit to ALL. The act of hanging layers of prayer flags symbolizes life changes, renewal of hope and the acknowledgment that all beings are a part of a greater ongoing cycle.

I wrote on monday about the loss of an exceptional being in our community. I'll say it again, I think sympathy letters are the hardest to write. But since then, I was inspired by someone I met once, … to create. That must mean something about the type of person he was. Here is the prototype for a new card  –  utilizing feedsacks, an ancient tradition and inspiration from the life of one Jonny Copp – the first of which I wrote to Jonny's sweetheart, Sara, who is a beautiful and kind soul herself.

Jonny Copp & Wade Johnson recently died in an alpine avalanche attempting a new route on Mount Edgar in China, the third team member, Micah Dash, is yet to be found. To learn more about these amazing accomplished alpinists/photographers/climbers/filmmakers and the ongoing search and rescue effort, go here.