thoughts and prayers

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Boulder was sad today, the sky cried much earlier and longer than usual. Climbing is a big part of the culture here and today, news of a huge loss rung from an ascent gone amiss in China. I only met Jonny once, but first impressions are strong and as I read anecdotes from the love pouring in, it appears as though my opinion was shared by everyone. An exceptional guy with a big spirit.

As a mother, I can't stop thinking about this tragedy, to outlive your children would weigh heaviest on your heart. We all deal with difficult emotions differently. We all want to help those who mourn feel happiness again. How best to offer your condolences to those who are experiencing their deepest grief?

I love the letter posted here by a friend, put out in the universe, written directly to Jonny Copp. It is a perfect example of heartfelt celebration of the life of a dear companion. Personally, I find sympathy letters to be some of the hardest to write, but I also know that families and friends want to know that their late loved ones had a positive impact on the world and that they touched the lives of others. There has to be comfort in that.