Summer Rhythm


Recently back from a 84-mile river trip through Desolation and Gray canyons on the Green River in Utah, I am finally making a list of all of the things I want to catch you up on. Loving the rhythm of summer, so different than the rest of the year. There were many highlights on this trip – not to mention the complete disconnections from all devices mobile, cellular, electronic and wi-fi.

We took a side hike one day and saw these amazing petroglyphs carved by the Fremont people. The Fremont Culture thrived from about A.D. 600 to A.D.1250, and was contemporary with the Anasazi Culture of the Four Corners area. They had a complex social structure, as is illustrated in their rock art, and were highly adaptive to the extremes of their environment.

If you ever find yourself in Utah, and you are without a raft, you can still see some of this stunning rock art in Sego Canyon, in fact this site boasts panels dating from as early as 7000 BC and from at least three different cultures and eras.