a sign of things to come


Happy Friday! Printing and Prospecting like mad here. Need another idea like I need a hole in my head. We are planning to get back on track starting in October with our blogging schedule. Until then, many exciting projects are in the works so stay tuned for a birthday party, typographical sculpture, partnerships and more!

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Two-Timin' Tuesdays : two posts featuring works in progress, inspirations, projects of present, … all hot off the press as they say.

Wildcard Wednesdays : as a rule, we will take a blog break on hump-day, but you never know when something might pop up here. we like surprises.

Type^/o/*Write Thursdays : a day dedicated to typography and the written word, a lushious love of letters

FeedSack Fridays : vintage fabric with a healthy history, so many stories to weave and patterns so poetic, instant inspiration