not so mellow, yellow

collage 1

Cullin's favorite color, hands down, is YELLOW. After the request to play Ring-the-Gack, I thought about other old-fashioned fun for birthday parties and came up with a Bean Bag Toss, Clothespin Drop, and of course, Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey, which I found at Bake it Pretty while buying cupcake liners, then made the rest of the games myself, using paint, cardboard, glue & a little creativity with things we had here around the house. The kids won tickets for points earned playing the games and then got to visit the prize booth for penny candy, bubbles, balloons, sidewalk chalk, noisemakers & more.

The making of the desired jellybean cupcakes was fairly simple, I used a triple-citrus recipe for the cake, yummy cream cheese icing, because it's my favorite and multiple flavors of yellow Jelly Bellys to top them off. Typically, I'm not much of a baker, but I enjoyed it so much that I made Lemon Meringue  Cupcakes, complete with Lemon Curd, for the adults – mmm! So the rest of the food had to be yellow, too: we had macaroni & cheese, pineapple, bananas, popcorn and lemonade!

There were probably 25 kids there in all. It was a little hectic and a load of fun. I was so busy, I wouldn't have all of the beautiful photographs of this party if I hadn't been so smart to invite my wonderful friend, Julie Afflerbaugh, to come and shoot. She has been photographing my little guy since he was 5 months old – I am so lucky to have this visual documentation!

collage 2

My sweet Granny Lou even flew out for the party. She stayed up super late with me for three days helping me craft party hats, cupcake flags, fabric flag banners and finishing touches. I had a blast with every detail, integrating the wishes of my 3-year-old wonderboy, and letting my own little imagination run wild. The greatest reward of all was when Cullin arrived with a bursting smile and said, "I'm so exciting!"

{oh, and that's not all, stay tuned for more!}