sugar high


My husband was up at the crack of dawn, making sure we got the spot at the park that I had scoped out weeks earlier. It was right by the creek, trees just close enough to string up my flag banner, and soft green grass for gaming. Although I was a little concerned when the wind & clouds kicked up as I was setting everything up, the weather held.


The specially chosen outfit I scoured online shops for with yellow patterned shirt from Wonderboy and fabulous handmade sailor pants from Smallville {on Etsy} arrived in time - and fit! Cullin's best friend was the first to arrive.


You could say I went a little overboard. I'm sure all of the parents were grateful for the meltdowns that ensued soon after leaving this party. But in the end I was over the moon with how it turned out, and the Birthday Boy was too.

{thanks, again, to photographer Julie Afflerbaugh}