thx, thanks, thank you

C wood type stationery

Thank you notes are essential. All gifts should be acknowledged with a handwritten note within a week of receipt of the gesture. Email is NOT sufficient. According to Emily Post, one exception would be if the gift was opened in front of the giver and you had the chance to thank them in person. For me, I still write a note. A thank you note is just an expression of gratitude. It doesn't have to be a long letter. A simple "Thank you so much for the hand-knitted orange scarf. How did you know that was my favorite color? I can't wait for my trip to Colorado so I can wear it." will go a long way toward making the giver feel appreciated for their thoughtfulness. Here are two rule-of-thumb lists.

Always send notes in the following situations:

  • Wedding gifts.

  • For sympathy letters or flowers.

  • To the hostess after a party that was hosted in your honor.

  • For bridal or baby shower gifts.

  • For gifts that were received by mail.

  • After being entertained by your boss.

  • Gifts or flowers received during a hospital stay.

  • After being hosted as a houseguest.

It is a nice gesture to send notes in these situations:

  • After being a guest at a dinner party.

  • After a job interview.

  • For birthday gifts that were received and opened in person.

  • When a friend has helped you out with a special favor.

  • To someone who has entertained you personally as part of a business relationship.

My little one loves to write thank you notes, well, he draws, I write. We talk often, especially on Thursdays, about what we're thankful for and whom we have to thank for what, using our kitchen chalkboard and recording in our gratitude book. His "C" wood type stationery {pictured above} that I made for him came in really handy for the long list of thank yous we wrote over the holidays. I never want him to see it as a daunting task, rather luck, because we have a lot to be thankful for.