Digital Scrapbooking {aka. How's your iLife?}

3yr Scrapbook iDVD

I hope this past week is a foreshadowing of what 2010 will be like for me. I spent my stay-cation dedicated to finishing a project I have been promising myself I would complete for over a year. Using Apple's iLife, I organized, rated and edited over 7,000 photos and approximately 400 videos from Cullin's first 3 years of life, summing up everything from his wild and wooly birth to his big yellow birthday bash – and every moment in between. The finished product is comprised of 6 slideshows, 6 movies, 3 extras {including a gag reel!} and spans 83 minutes in all. My husband always says your life in pictures is so amazing – but did we have to take so many? It is amazing the exponential amount of photographs I have taken since the advent of the digital camera, and I was no slouch before.

And it is exponentially satisfying to finally execute a plan that I have transferred from to-do list to to-do list at least a million times. Gleefully proud of my accomplishment, I look forward to an anti-procrastination, cross it off the list kind of year!