handset type

handset wood & lead type

Another hopeful foreshadowing as 2010 gets underway, the design for Denver's 3rd Annual Concert for Cash {get your tix here} poster will require hand-setting 54 vintage wood type letters and 168 lead type characters. Along with the process of placing each letter one-by-one, the poster layout will require an on-the-fly design modification and the shifting of multiple pieces of wood called reglets & furniture to achieve the desired placement of each element, which is a departure from my typical day of printing with only photopolymer and a Boxcar base. Genghis Kern has graciously offered his shop, his time and the use of his 1965 Asbern cylinder press {a German version of a Vandercook, if you will} for the project. Keeping my fingers crossed that Teri & Page {Cash's Mama & Daddy} can come see the poster printing in action.