Go Fish!

Hip Hip Hooray! We're a real party on Suann's super-cool kid celebration blog today! At a creekside location on a sunny day in Lyons, a fourth birthday party is about to send ripples downstream  – One fish, two fish, three fish FOUR! Scales, and Stripes, and Splashes more!

Yikes, Stripes! my little boy is getting big! Paper straws from Fort & Field with letterpress "C4" flags by yours truly, of course. We made this birthday a Zero Waste event with wooden ice cream spoons, paper straws and cups made from corn. The kids sorted their own compostables, recyclables and a teeny weeny bag of trash. {thanks to our friends at A Spice of Life catering}

Gyotaku literally means "fish" {gyo} "rubbing" {taku} and is the Japanese art of fish printing where fisherman would record their catch of the day. Here we're using rubber fish and washable paint for a kid-friendly gyotaku art project.

Games and prizes, prizes and games. A lot of thought went into games that fit the theme of the party and the age group of guests. C and I spent many afternoons making fish for the magnetized fishing game and scoured the internet for ideas on wet or fishy amusements.

Splash your water balloon in the bullseye and win a prize! Four gummy worms is quite the catch {and yes, I like to go overboard, so these gummies are repackaged in fours with a letterpress label}! Some of the other prizes were retro squirt guns and those fortune teller fish that curl in your hand.

C nearly dips his locally handmade Dandy Social Club fish scale tie into the Fly Fishing cake made of red velvet with cream cheese icing and swedish fish.

And for the grande finale, we sailed some little wooden boats down the North St. Vrain. The birthday boy {in his birthday threads by the fabulous aforementioned Dandy Social Club & Small Beans} chose a yellow sail, still his favorite color. {all photos by Julia Vandenoever Photography}