22 million things to love

Just got back from the world's shortest Boulder Open Studios Tour and am figuring away to weasel my way in to this home + studio with out being the elephant in the room. I am inspired and in love with every nook + cranny of this space and the art within it. Kristin is an inspiration and has the energy and ideas of ten artists. I am thrilled to be working with Kristin on the Firefly Handmade project and am saving up for the day when I can spend 22k on some of her commission art. Maybe for now she will just take me for a ride in her Studio 22 truck. As far as I can see, she is living the dream. My dream!

What a wonder of an afternoon spent within those walls. I may just go back for more tomorrow and you should too! Wow, I sound like the stalker of envy don't I? Really, I am just filled with happy energy after being there and maybe just an over-exuberant fan, but not in a creepy way, ... I swear!

ps. Plus, if her work is not your cup of tea {obviously you can tell it is mine} there are 100 others to see in Boulder this weekend.