Eco Ink ?

soy vs. rubber ink

Continuing on my stream of consciousness, since we mentioned ink colors yesterday, I want to bring up something about the inks that we use in the studio. There is such a buzz with the whole soy ink thing and I like that consumers are demanding that businesses be earth conscious. However we have found that soy is not necessarily better than some of the other inks we use. We have inks in our studio that fall into each of the Oil, Soy and Rubber categories. We have what we like to think are educated opinions about all of them and have decided that what works best for us is actually at Rubber/Soy combination, here is a synopsis on how we have arrived at this conclusion:

Soy inks dry when exposed to air much more quickly than Rubber-based inks. This means two things, they crust over and dry up, which results in wasted ink AND if they dry on the press, we have to use harsh chemicals to clean the rollers. How green is that? Rubber-based inks stay open on the press longer allowing us to use our favorite Crisco & Seventh Generation cleaning combination and the inks are not wasted in the can because they don't crust over. We have found a happy medium with using a half-soy/half-rubber concoction that seems to be the best of both worlds and keeps our letterpress rollers happy.

Also, here's what Spark has to say about the subject, It seems that they have a similar sentiment : INK: Soy vs. Oil vs. Rubber