movable alphabet


C is really taking notice of letters these days. Letters, sounds, words, reading, uppercase, lowercase, reading, writing – it is a LOT to take in now that I'm immersed in it. I am noticing with C that he really recognizes letters by their pure shape. He will mistake a U for a C – and really if you look at it sideways … it is! or W for M, L for 7, A for V, u for n, 2 for Z … I am fascinated by the way children learn, especially my own. Do all children see letters this way? How do you keep this ability to see things in their purest form and still function in society to read & write? Some days I would love to see the letters for what they really are. To not have too much meaning, sound, label or correct/incorrect attached to them, ahhhh, but then a lot of that is the beauty – typography, books, language …

Apartment Therapy's Ohdeedoh blog recently posted this Montessori alphabet and received some really interesting comments on the subject of teaching the alphabet to children.