wishes on the wind

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Today is another special birthday. I think that my favorite thing about her is that we couldn't be more different, yet we have a connection that we fully embrace. She may just be responsible for my love of letterwriting, paper & good mail. I remember on a rainy summer afternoon we would lock ourselves in separate rooms and set to work on letters, candies, stamps, stickers, erasers, pencils, papers, envelopes – mini Sanrio surprises abound – tiptoeing out and sliding these little lovely packages under the door or placing them in a homemade mailbox. A very elaborate version of passing notes. This continued even when we weren't in the same house, which was really most of the time. I have shoeboxes full of her bubbly handwriting that I cherish along with letters from our summer camp friends. Now we live a good 1500 miles apart and have very different lives, but our kinship will always remain.
Happy Birthday, Becky, my penpal, my camp comrade!