Released in Europe in April, the BirdDog Press has been published in a 240 page, full-color, hard cover book!!! Our paper feedsack quilts and woodtype baby envelope book were featured. Yay!!!!! Can you tell I'm excited? I just got my copy yesterday, so I think this means it is available in the US now, too! I am honored to be on the pages next to heroes and colleagues like Studio on Fire, Sycamore Street Press and Stitch Design Co. Now, that's Impressive! Here are the details:

Editors: R. Klanten, H. Hellige / ISBN: 978-3-89955-288-1

Inspired by the challenge of hands-on tweaks and unpredictable results as well as the tactile qualities of different inks, papers, and binding techniques, today’s creatives are rediscovering old-fashioned printing methods and crafts. Impressive is a topical exploration of the interplay between current trends in graphic design and traditional handiwork such as letterpress printing, hand-cut linotype, chiselled woodblocks, and embossing. In addition to a rich selection of invitations, business cards, stationery, posters, and other material printed by hand, it offers personal insights from designers who are using old-fashioned techniques to create cutting-edge work.

Gestalten specializes in developing content for aficionados of cutting-edge visual culture worldwide. Always working directly with talented young designers and artists, Gestalten brings a deep understanding of visual culture on a global level to whatever we do and remains firmly committed to presenting visual trends with timeless substance. The company has 40 staff members throughout offices in Berlin, London, New York and Tokyo.

ps. Yet another reminder that letterpress is enjoying a huge resurgence, there are two other books coming out this summer showcasing some wonderful letterpress design as well. Out of the UK, Rotovision is releasing Reinventing Letterpress by Charlotte Rivers, and friend, Brandon Mise of Blue Barnhouse in Asheville, NC has written Adventures in Letterpress for Random House.