And the Winner is …

Back in March, we announced a goal to get 500 fans on FaceBook. We achieved that goal on May 21st. Yay! We are just getting around to honoring that 15 winner challenge, and the winners are: Paige F., Carter L., Chris H., Wendy C., Lisa H., Lisa Q., Hilary C., Eben G., Libby A., Priscilla M., Heather S., Carey B., Shelly S., Katy B., Sage D., and Aimee G.

Whew! That was harder than we thought. With all of the new privacy on FaceBook, the random list we had made a couple of weeks ago was tough to access. We reloaded our page 15 times and picked the top left fan in each reload to achieve a fair list. Then when we went back to send everyone a message of their winnings, you can't search for people who aren't your friends, even if they are your fan. So, we had to reload the page until those folks came up again in order to use the "send a message" feature. It took a while, but you all helped us reach our goal and so you deserve some paper goods in return.

If you won, you have been sent a message on FaceBook. Let us know your address and we'll send you a surprise! Thanks again and be sure and participate in our next goal of 1000 followers on Twitter!