addicted to making


I admit it. I am officially addicted to making. Creating something that I imagined with my own two hands. There are a billion manifestations for doing that of course: Drawing, Painting, Knitting, Printmaking, Sewing, Felting, ... Thread, Ink, Yarn, Paintbrush, Pencil, Needle ... I am always up for trying something new. Growing up, I can recall phases of quilting, toll painting, basketweaving, tiedye, collage, candlewicking, beading, ... oh! and remember those friendship bracelets? I still have a whole box of that embroidery thread, organized by color. Each art was learned and usually practiced in a group setting, often with my mom or friends, creating, learning and sharing together. Maybe that is part of what I loved about it so much, not just the craft itself but the creating of relationships around it.

My career choice was to become an expert in graphic design. Maybe I chose it because it is so collaborative in nature – collaboration with clients but also of materials and elements of other crafts to come up with new solutions and explore other nooks of my creativity. The handmade lifestyle is woven in to my being from every aspect. It is a huge part of who I am.

This video makes me giddy. I have never picked up a knitting needle, but I plan to soon. Patience may be my downfall on this wild and wooly endeavor, but the camaraderie that I expect to find in my winter knitting circle will be a highlight, I know! Of course I don't expect to be a master of every kind of craft – but if you like to make as much as I do, and you like the idea of a sense of community around making – I must say I am so thrilled to tell you that there is an opportunity to try a number of techniques, learning from amazing artists and inspiring teachers, while making new crafty friends among Colorado Chautauqua scenery in cozy cottages at the Makerie, THIS Spring!!

See what it is all about:

ps. the video is from Slate Falls Press, knit in 80 seconds.