Makerie on the Farm-ette


I am honored to be a part of another Makerie this summer on July 13th! I now have 2 original spring Makeries and all three 2013 Summer Series Makeries under my belt and they have all been full of creativity, friendship, fabulous food, making and magic!

Soon to be announced, this summer's edition of the one-day event at the Lyons Farmette, an amazing day of handmade, farm fantastic ambiance and topped off with a farm to table dinner. 

In my workshop, you can expect to find vintage wood type and and plenty of ink for some farm fresh stationery, just down the road from the Farmette at my studio . . .

Life on the farm takes you instantly to your roots and tunes you in to a harmonious cycle with the rhythm of the seasons. It is such an inspiring place to ground yourself. Taking this inspiration to paper, you will make functional and beautiful letterpress notecards that are farm inspired... one piece at a time, by hand. You will learn the basics of letterpress and experience ink, impression, 500 year-old innovation on three antique presses. You will feel truly connected as you consider color, design and texture. 

Allison BozemanComment